Article Assignment SOC Blog

Article Assignment SOC Blog 

Ward Beerens – Da4b

Out of the 3 models of the Welfare State, the Scandinavian model speaks to me the most. Because I think that education and healthcare are the things that you need most in life. If your education wasn’t good, chances are that your future won’t be bright. You need the healthcare so you can get better again and can go to work and make a living again.

This is why I tend to lean to the Scandinavian Model, but I also think it has it’s downsides. Such as the heavy tax burden. Which is of course necessary if you want to provide the free healthcare and education. But that is a thing you should be willing to give up. Because if you do not have free healthcare, you would lose almost the same amount of that what you pay to the government for healthcare (in the Scandinavian Model) to a healthcare insurance company. So I think it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Another pro of the Scandinavian model for me is the Unemployment System. The fact when you are unemployment, the government helps you searching for a job is really cool. But this also has I downside I think. Some people tend to be lazy, and let the government do all the work instead of the unemployed doing it themselves. A solution for this problem is that the government only helps you for a certain time, if the time is expired, you have to do it yourself.

The Rhineland model is my 2nd choice, because the social factors are goodly regulated as well. But that of the Scandinavian Model is a bit better, and seems better for the people.


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