Political feud between Turkey and the Netherlands

Lately, the Turkish president, Erdogan, called out a referendum in which he would earn a massive amount of power and he doesn’t let people refuse it. Now, the Turkish minister wants the Turkish citizens in the Netherlands to vote on Erdogan. But, the Netherlands refuses and doesn’t want the Turkish minister landing in the Netherlands. This has created a big feud between the two countries. Even the Turkish minister called out that the Netherlands is the last thing that is remained of Nazism.

This is a social problem because a lot of people are involved. The Dutch government is involved, the Turkish government is involved and the European union might even get involved. There is also small chaos in the Netherlands because of Turkish citizens rioting on the streets why the Netherlands won’t allow these inhabitants to participate in the referendum. If this goes on for to long, the European Union might get involved and this small political argument can turn out way bigger than planned.

Honestly, I think that the Netherlands has made the right decision. Why would you want to have a say in a country that you don’t live in, and then even start to riot in the Netherlands. I think that this is absolutely unacceptable. Also, the Turkish minister named the Netherlands the last thing that has remained of Nazi-Germany. Not only is this a massive insult to the Dutch Government, because the Netherlands had majorly suffered during the second world war and a whole city even managed to get bombed. But also, Turkey is turning into a big dictatorship with Erdogan ruling it. I can definitely say that the upcoming Turkish dictatorship is way closer to the national socialist ideology then the Dutch monarchy. I also think that it is nonsense that the citizens in the Netherlands with a Turkish background want to have an influence on the political circumstances in Turkey. Your parents or you chose to be a part of a different country. In my opinion, your from the Netherlands, or you are from Turkey. If you chose that you want to be a Turkish citizen, then what is the point of you living in the Netherlands. If you have a Turkish background, but you want to be a Dutch Citizen, then you should be able to take this opportunity and become a part of a different society. The situation might even have an influence on the elections in the Netherlands. I think more people will start voting for the PVV after this small feud.

Simply, I think the Netherlands made the right decision.


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