US rocket-shield in South Korea

The first parts of a defensive rocket-shield by the U.S.A. have arrived in South Korea on Monday. The rocket-shield is the new South Korean defence against their above neighbours, North Korea.

This rocket-shield is the response of the USA and South Korea on the ‘test’ rocket launches of North Korea that took place all over last year. North Korea threatened to bomb the US with these last summer and Obama didn’t leave the problem alone. So the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) contract was signed with South Korea to protect against eventual attacks from their communist neighbours.

The missile-defence system hasn’t been unnoticed. China says it is a provocation which puts risk at the peace and stability in the region. Russia also expressed its earlier concern about the THAAD. North Korea reacted angrily last summer on the plans of the archenemy.

Last Monday North Korea had fired missiles again, but this time in Japanese direction. The missiles crashed into the ocean at about 300 km away from Japanese territory.

This event has also made Japan speak to both the US President, Trump, and the US Minister Of Defence, Jim Mattis, about the upcoming threat that is North Korea. Some time ago the US and Japan had called for an emergency meeting with the NATO’s Security Council to bring North Korea’s test-launches to the eye. According to a UN-resolution North-Korea isn’t allowed to launch any missiles, of what kind so ever.

In Trumps phone-call with Japanese Prime-Minister Shinzo Abe, they both came to conclusion that the North-Korean ballistic launch is a violation of UN treaties that forbids all countries from firing missiles at one another. The launches are also considered a threat to both regional and international security by both leaders.

According to the North-Korean State-media the launch on Monday was a reaction on the military exercise that took place in South-Korea last week.

Ward Beerens



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