Wilder’s crucial period started

Geert Wilders his campaign started today for the elections on 15th of March. While Wilders was surrounded by the media and fans, he was being escorted by the police through Spijkenisse. The reason why Geert Wilders started his campaign in Spijkenisse is because according to him, Spijkenisse is the ”hometown” of his party (PVV). 

According to NOS-news reporter Ron Fresen the crucial weeks of Wilders have begun. ”Wilders has to convince his supporters to vote on him, that’s his goal for the current campaign’s.” What even might be more important for Wilders is ”to convince the doubting citizens who do not know who to vote on.”

The PVV is doing a great job till now. The polls are showing that PVV is the currently the party with most seats (24-28). The polls are showing that PVV has a big chance winning the elections.

Source: http://peilingwijzer.tomlouwerse.nl/

According to Fresen, Wilders is encountering some risks. In three weeks the parliamentary elections will be held. Fresen thinks that supporters of the PVV will not vote ”because they wonder if their vote will have any influence on the elections. There is not a single party which would want to form the cabinet with the PVV if they win the elections, so therefore their vote has no influence.”

The people involved in Wilders’ campaign are pretty much everyone. Wilders aims to attract as many as possible citizens to vote on him for the upcoming elections. Wilders has to convince three kinds of groups to vote on him:

  • His supporters -> Wilders has to manage to convince their supporters with potential ideas he has so that even doubting supporters will vote on him and not change their mind.
  • Doubting citizens -> Wilders has to convince the doubting citizens to vote on him. He has to tell his plans in case he wins the elections. This group is the most important for Wilders because if he manages to convince the people, it is in his advantage because they will vote for him and not for another party.
  • Other citizens -> The odds that he will convince citizens that are already sure who to vote on, are small. If he can convince these people he might get some votes of them. It is difficult for Wilders to convince these people. If someone has a clear political view, he knows who to vote on it is hard for him/her to change his mind.

All by all, Wilders really wants to win the elections. His campaign plan is set up and he has his tactics ready. Wilders is going to push through the Netherlands in order to tell his party plan to as many people as possible which might higher the chances him winning this year’s elections.




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