Trump repealing Obamacare

On Trump’s first day in office, he immediately repealed Obamacare. The PPACA, also known as Obama care is a federal law that was officially announced on the 23th of march in 2010. The PPACA (the patient protection and Affordable Care act) is a law which should take care for the healthcare of all American citizens. Before Obamacare, a lot of American citizens had big problems with their health insurance. Many people couldn’t afford It, and many health insurance companies didn’t give others their insurance for their health insurance. One of many examples, An American citizen with no health insurance lost two of his fingers when he was sawing wood. He lost his middle finger and his forefinger. It would cost him 20,000 dollars to fix his forefinger and it would cost him 60,000 dollars to fix his middle finger which is far too much for him to pay, so he fixed his forefinger and lived for the rest for his life with no middle finger. Obamacare made sure these things wouldn’t happen again. Obamacare made sure that every citizen that legitimately live in the United States have health insurance by saying that every citizen in the United States should sign up for an health insurance company. But, Donald J. trump decided to repeal this law the first day he stepped in his new home, the white house.

There are a couple of groups involved in this circumstance. Of course, all American citizens are involved, because many of them no longer have health insurance and whenever they meet an accident, they might not be able to afford their health costs. Also Donald Trump is involved in this because he decided to abolish Obamacare and he might get a lot of hate because of this.

Another article on our page is about Donald Trump. Just like I said in my last article 4 weeks ago, I said that Newspapers have a guaranteed article every week because of another questionable decision by Donald trump. Donald trump has only been sitting in his new office for a few weeks and he has already done so much. He has banned 7 nationalities from entering the United States. He has already set out his plans for making the 40 billion dollar wall between the American and Mexican border and he has abolished Obamacare. In my opinion, Obamacare really did help the American citizen in getting their health insurance, but Trump decided to abolish it which can stitch up a lot of Americans. the irony of that component is that it rests on precedent set by the Obama administration, which used executive and regulatory power liberally to make the law work in the face of Republican opposition. The most likely actions under the new executive order expand or revers Obama-era decisions. I think this is a another dumb decision made by trump because he managed to stitch up the American citizens one again.


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