Studentorganization LAKS wants to participate the elections

The National Action Committee Students (LAKS) wants to participate in the second chamber elections. The organization says they do not have any trust in the current political parties. LAKS thinks that the current political parties will only stimulate the negative development of the current school system. 

The organization has made a list of ten young people who are going to start building up the party. LAKS-chairman Sven Annen says: ‘On the 15th of March we will participate the elections with a blank list’. This means that the party will not get a name on the vote sheet but only a number.

According to LAKS, the current parliament only cares about the graduation rates and money. LAKS wants that the importance of the students becomes more a core thing to talk about in politics. The future of students in the Netherlands would, therefore, be at stake. LAKS wants to prevent this by attempting to enter the second chamber.

Elderly dominate politics in the Netherlands. Students have no voice at all, we might have the right to vote but we our voice in politics usually is considered as non-sense. We have no trust in the current parliament. Every year consistently the parliament makes it tougher for students to finish their study.

– LAKS-chairman Sven Annen

“The fundamental problems are barely discussed in The Hague. Elderly completely dominate the politics. We are not confident that the current political will resolve this,” said Annen. He doesn’t want to speculate about the number of seats which LAKS is going to get.

All by all, LAKS wants to participate the second chamber because they think the politicians are doing too less for students in The Netherlands. I am myself a student and I think the Dutch school system should be changed radically. If you look at school performances of countries such as Sweden and Denmark, they totally dominate the graduation rates. I think having a party such as LAKS – who’re young students  – will not only improve schools but also the parliament will also receive thoughts from young people instead of only receiving ideas from old people.


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