Disgrace Donald Trump

Occasionally, Russia busted Donald Trump. Russia put up cameras in Donald Trump’s suite during his stay in Russia. Apparently, Donald Trump called up two hookers and asked them to pee in his bed because Obama would arrive the next day in Russia staying in the same suite. Not only does this mean that people all over the world will think differently about Donald Trump, it will also mean that Russia will be able to blackmail him.

The people involved in this case are obviously Donald Trump and Russia. Also American citizens and all citizens all over the world are involved in this case. The American citizens will definitely think differently about Donald Trump when he will be officially exposed and the truth comes out. This does not only influence what the American think of Trump. It will also influence the whole world because they will probably that he is even a bigger idiot because I don’t think his reputation all across the globe is very positive.

In my opinion, this was another embarrassing and stupid act by Donald Trump i fit was actually real which I have no doubt about. I can see him pulling of stunts like this because he has done these things before. Don’t you think it was a bit odd when the FBI suddenly went on with the case of Hillary Clinton and the e-mail scandal a few days before announcement of the president of the united mistakes of America.

This recent scandal might even have a big influence on the world. If this were to be true, Trump would do anything in his power to make sure that people start to believe that it is actually fake. Which could mean that Russia can start to blackmail him. Make Trump do things or else they will put this video on the Internet for everyone to see. And as I said earlier, Trump would do everything To make sure that exact thing won’t happen. This occasion didn’t even change my mind on Trump. I know he can pull of some stupid stunts and I was just waiting for the next one. It is just a matter of time until you see a new article on Donald Trump in the newspaper because of another thing he might have done wrong. I do not only think that American citizens will start to doubt him after this, I think the whole world will start to doubt him even make his reputation even worse. At least the Newspapers are doing well because they now have a new article to write about every two weeks.

Daan van Gils

12 – 01 – 2017


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