Asscher opens the attack on Wilders

PvdA-leader Lodewijk Asscher wants to bid an honest, social alternative for the PVV. During his first interview after his campaign, Asscher breaks loose on Geert Wilders, the minister of the PVV. The PvdA also wants, just like the PVV to stop the criminality in the Netherlands. But they also both have a different view on this. The PVV blames the immigrants and especially the ones for Morocco for the criminality in the Netherlands but Asscher feels no need to blame the criminality in the Netherlands to the immigrants, but he does agree that there is a problem of criminality in the Netherlands and he also knows that some crimes have been performed by these Moroccans and the PvdA wants tough actions on criminal asylum seekers, but he doesn’t blame the whole Moroccan society living in The Netherlands. So what is the best option on this problem we have going on around criminality?

 The people involved in this case, are the party leaders, the parties itself, the Moroccan immigrants and Dutch people. The Moroccan immigrants are really under pressure because they realize that there are people living in the Netherlands that want them to move and the Dutch people actually get to decide. If they bring out a lot of votes to the PVV, some immigrants might actually have to leave.

 In my opinion, the immigrants are not to blame and you can’t just set them out of our country after they have committed a crime. Not a long time ago, I was part of a political day at my school. And there was also a man representing the PVV. This man told us that the PVV and himself want to eliminate immigrants after they have committed a crime if they have two passports. A Dutch one and a passport from their home country or from their parent’s home country. He said that he has no hate to Moroccans and he even called them his friend.  But his sounds different than to Geert Wilders famous speech where he said the words: ‘’More or less Moroccans in the Netherlands’’. This sounds way different to what The member of the PVV visiting our school had said.

 I don’t even consider that most of the crimes that are committed in the Netherlands are being committed by immigrants. I think even more crimes are being committed by completely Dutch people and the still the immigrants are being blamed. This is not only unfair, it is also discrimination and there is clearly a law that states that there is a ban against discrimination.

Daan van Gils


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