Geert Wilders persecuted because of his speech about more or less Moroccans

Article Social Studies


Percijn van Haeringen

There have been done more than 5000 accusations against Geert Wilders after he stated: ‘Meer of minder Marokkanen’. On the evening of the municipal elections on the 19th of March, Geert Wilders asked his PVV public if they wanted more or less Moroccans. The answers literally was: ‘minder, minder, minder!.’ Even after Geert wilders heard about all the accusations that had been made against him, he did not take back his words. For his speech about Moroccans, he was persecuted and judged. The openbaar ministerie made it official that the reason he would persecuted was because his words could be interpreted discriminating and insulting. When Wilders heard that he would be persecuted for what he said, he told the media he saw it as a scandal to be processed for giving his opinion which is legal in the Netherlands. His lawyer in the case was Geert- Jan Knoops . For some time it seemed that the persecution would not go on anymore because different parts of his lawyers pleitnota (the piece of text the lawyer recites during the process against the person they defend)  were leaked and published in the Algemeen Dagblad.  Finally, the persecution did continue because no investigation was held on the leaked pleitnota. During the persecution which was on the 31th of October, Geert Wilders stated: ‘Niemand zal mij het zwijgen opleggen’, Which kind of shows Geert Wilders still thinks he only gave his opinion by saying there should be less Moroccans and that it is not illegal to say so. The results of the case will be published on the 9th of December. I think what Wilders said about Moroccans should be interpreted as discriminating. If native Dutch people would be watching television for example and some Moroccan politician would say: ‘Do we want more or less Dutch people?’ and all his followers would than say: ‘less, less, less’ ; we would feel discriminated and offended as well. Wilders saw it as giving his opinion which is legal in the Netherlands, but on the other hand you can also say that the freedom of opinion has its limits. For example in the case of discrimination. Even if a country has the right of freedom of speech, people should understand that this is not totally the case. It should be taken into account that if you as a person give your opinion about someone else, this possibly limits the freedom of opinion of the person you speak about. I think that many times freedom of speech is taken too literally.


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