Hillary Clinton email scandal

Percijn van Haeringen

Article Number four

                                              Article about Hillary Clintons secret email system

During the winter of 2015 the FBI started the investigation on the secret email system of Hillary Clinton. She was accused of having an email account that was not approved and did not comply with the government rules. The FBI also said that Clinton and her aides were extremely careless in the handling of classified information. So, she had an illegal email account which no one except her knew about. And now, like a week ago, the FBI reopened the investigation. The results will probably not be known before the elections, but she might lose votes because of this and it will energize her enemies.

The ones involved are: The people that want(ed) to vote on her, the FBI who does the investigation, Hillary Clinton herself and her enemies like Donald Trump. For Clinton’s opponents this is an advantage because her followers might change their opinion which means she possibly loses votes.

I think we should forget about the investigation and have a good look at the situation in America right now. First, I understand that the FBI wants to investigate this, but right now our best chance is Hillary Clinton as next president of the USA. In my opinion Clinton is more reasonable in comparison to Donald Trump. If the investigation would be so important, why did the FBI not finish the research in 2015 instead of investigating it again a week before the elections? Second, she had the chance to delete the email system which she did not. Instead she handed the email account over to the FBI and is willing to publish the information. So it cannot be that bad. Third, everyone has their secrets. So do her enemies. This is nothing special. Also, she told that her reason for making the email account is because she wanted to use one smartphone instead of always having to take two devices with her. This is understandable. It can also be possible that the FBI is being forced to reopen the investigation or have chosen to do so themselves because they do not want Hillary Clinton to be the next American president. Then it would have nothing to do with the possible thread for the USA, but about the self-interest of the group making the decision to reopen the investigation.

The possible consequences can however be big. If she has really something to hide, she becomes vulnerable to blackmail which is a threat for democracy certainly for the position that she is in and might be in in the future. If she would be president and things come public she might have to face an impeachment procedure. But on the other hand it is possible that the content of the email account is not interesting at all.

(I made this article before the results, so if the results are known I have already handed in my article)



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