Refugee Crisis

For the past few years Europe has been facing a large refugee crisis. Not only European countries have been facing this problem but also countries in Africa and Asia such as turkey and other surrounding countries. Many people are fleeing to Europe because of a war going on in Syria right now, which has caused big problems mainly for European countries and countries in Middle East. These refugees don’t have any other choice then leaving their country, their goal is not to go to Europe just because they want success, no, these people wouldn’t of travelled to Europe without the war going on right now in Syria, and still way to many Europeans assume that all these refugees are glory hunters. I must admit that I assume that there are a few people travelling to hunt for gold but I think most of them aren’t. I think most of these people are fleeing from their country because they feel like their country has left them behind and that they don’t have any other choice.

This major problem in general has caused lots of problems and a lot of people are involved. Not only the refugees and the government is involved, but also a lot of citizens are involved. They get to choose whether they want an AZC in their back garden or not, and they all have their own opinion on the problem. The government is also a big factor. They decide to close their borders just like Hungary and Macedonia have done, or the government makes the decision to not close their borders and let as many refugees in as possible just like what Germany has done. Germany has announced that they are willing to take in 1 million refugees which is more than all European countries are willing to take in added up. Which is if you read it a good thing but also a disgrace at the same time. It is an amazing thing that Germany is willing to take in so many refugees but that the rest of Europe isn’t. I think that Europe should take in as many refugees as possible and that all countries should invest in better border control so we can’t take any risks at any point but we can take in as many refugees as possible at the same time. Turkey and other surrounding countries such as Egypt have also taken in a lot of refugees but Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and other countries have taken in a total of 0 refugees. These countries are living on oil and is probably combined the richest place in the entire world, but they are not willing to take in even a single refugee. Another point where citizens come in is when they are even willing to take refugees in their house. A woman from Iceland posted a message on Facebook saying that she would want to take in a few refugees in her house. After she made this message viral a lot of other families started posting messages that they would also want to take in refugees. I think that it is amazing that these families are willing to take in refugees into their house and that some entire countries haven’t even taken in a single refugee.

Daan van Gils



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