Little princes day is always held on the Third Tuesday of September. On little princes day, the king (Willem Alexander) reads the king’s speech which is a governmental declaration. The king’s speech consists out of two elements: 1. Reflections of what has happened in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. 2. Announcements of plans and measures in the area of the government and law for the next year. The role of Willem Alexander during little princes day is to present the king’s speech to the States General. This speech always starts with the sentence: ‘’leden van de Staten Generaal’’.

The budget is the expected amount of money that will be spend and money that will be earned for the upcoming year in the Netherlands. It is based on a number of different assumptions, for example:  expected growth or shrink of the economy or if there will be less or more unemployment than the year before. The purpose of the budget is to get a clear overview of how the money in the Netherlands will be spend and what will be earned.

This budget is set up every year by the minister of Finance (now Dijsselbloem). He makes the budget together with his employees. The budget is the financial plan for the whole cabinet and not only for Dijsselbloem and his employees.  After the budget is announced, the second chamber debates about the budget which is known as the General Debate.

In my opinion it is really smart that the cabinet invested a lot in education, because that is what we really need as a new upcoming generation if we want to keep the Netherlands a wealthy and innovative country. Upcoming year there will also be an investment in the army, but I think this is a very small investment and looking at the world situation right now it would be wise to invest more money into the army because I think we have never been so close to a third world war since the last one.

Some examples of the plans of the cabinet for the upcoming year: A lot of money will be spend to take better care of people that have a handicap. In total 13.2 Million euros will be spend. Also counties will get about 60 million euros a year to improve the temporary care of disabled people. The insurance fee will rise with about 10%, which has been discussed about a lot by the state general. The cabinet thought it would rise with about 3,5% and based their projection on growth for all people on that, now the rise was a lot more and so the growth in wealth will be a lot less then what they had declared in the Budget.

5.9 billion will be spend on infrastructural improvements for roads, train tracks and waterways. Another minor investment for 2017 is that 100 million euros will be spend to help poor children get a better life.


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