Prinsjesdag is a Dutch happening on every third tuesday of September. Prinsjesdag exists out of 4 pieces; the miljoenennota, the rijksbegroting, the Taxplan and the Wetsvoorstel. Every year on the third tuesday, the King will drive in his golden (suddenly glass, because the gold one had to be repaired) chariot through the streets of The Hague to eventually arrive at the Ridderzaal where he will begin to read the troonrede. After the King has spoken, the Minister of Finances will enter the Second Chamber with the suitcase. In this suitcase are the “Miljoenennota” and the “Rijksbegroting”. In reality the Minister doesn’t have the Miljoenennota and the Rijksbegrotinh in his suitcase, because they’re way too big to fit in that small space.

The Role Of The King  

The troonrede has to be read by the King or Queen according to the Dutch law. The first Troonrede was on the 2nd of May 1814, by King William I. The King will enter the chariot at Paleis Noordeinde and will ride all the way to the Binnenhof (Ridderzaal). Once arrived the King will begin his speech with the famous words: “Leden van de Staten-Generaal”. The Staten-Generaal are all members of the First and Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. After the King has finished reading the Troonrede, he will be driven back to Paleis Noordeinde in the chariot. Once they have arrived they will stand on the balcony and wave to the people. The whole time the King has left Paleis Noordeinde, the Battery 11th Division Horse Artillery will fire canon shots every minute until the King has returned.


The Miljoenennota is the document which contains all the planned earnings and spendings of the Dutch Government for the upcoming parliamentary year. In the Miljoenennota is spoken of the most important plans of the cabinet for the year. There is also talked about the costs of the plans and what kind of influence they have on the people. The Dutch Economy is also heavily discussed in the Miljoenennota.

Plans Of The Cabinet
⦁ Ministry Of Healthcare: The budget for Healthcare will grow with 2%. Until 2018 there will be 13 million Euros more for the care of handicapped people.
⦁ Ministry Of Security And Justice: 450 million Euros more budget. 10 million Euros will be spend on the reinforment of the “wijkagent”. And there will be 10 million euros for the control of terrorism.
⦁ Ministry Of Defence: 200 million euros to reinforce the supplies and to recruit more soldiers. More money will be spend to modernise our Army.

My Reaction
⦁ More care for the handicapped: I think this is a really good plan, because handicapped people are put way more on the background of society than others. By taking more and better care of them we can make sure they will have more enjoyable lives, even with their handicap. With the extra budget, the Ministry can provide more jobs for these people, with which they can provide themselves a bit with extra money and feel a bit more independent.
⦁ More control and supression of terrorism: this is also a really smart investment, because of the constant terroristic threat. The attacks have already been really close (Brussels, Paris) and so we are to be able to supress and avoid the people with these intentions.

Ward Beerens



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