Prinsjesdag assignment
Blog 1

Social studies
Daan van Gils
Prinsjesdag is every third Tuesday in September when the Dutch government provides the framework for the policy the cabinet is going to pursue. It will for example state how the cabinet is going to fight crime. The monarch (king or queen) announces this coalition agreement on prinsjesdag. On the same day, the minister of finance presents his budget, also known as the miljoenennota. In this document the plans and the amount of money available of the government is announced. Then, the second chamber debates the budget, which is known as the general Debate.
The role of the king is to announce the ‘’troonrede’’. The troonrede explains the coalition agreement where he announces what The Netherlands is going to invest in and how they are planning to do specific things.
The miljoennennota is a document where the definitive plans of the government and the amount of money available is announced. The minister of finance announces the miljoenennota.
The plans of the government for 2017 are to raise the child commandments budget. For the first and second child, parents will get a higher compensation. The cabinet also wants to make childcare more appealing for parents. The government has spent 200 million euros fort his. The government has also invested 100 million euros for the fight against children with poverty. This money will also invest in school trips, physical education and music for these children. Another investment that the government has made is making possible that MBO students a higher compensation for their school fees. The housing allowance is also going to be raised by the government. Almost all receivers will get 10 euros and 50 cents every month. In 2017, the government will invest 450 million euros in justice and the defence of the Netherlands. The government is investing 10 million euros for the defence of agents.
I think that it is great that the government is investing more in defence and justice. Definitely because of Europe being terrorised by ISIS at the moment and the investments in defence will make sure that the Netherlands will be safer from terrorist attacks. Also the Netherlands will be controlling the arrival of refugees better.
The government has also invested a lot in healthcare, which is a really good thing in my opinion. Although they have spent a lot of money in healthcare they haven’t spent a lot in the healthcare for elderly people. Which is quite a shame in my opinion.


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