Trump clashes with EU leaders in challenging meeting

Percijn van Haeringen, A4B, Mr. Van Erve, SOC


Trump clashes with EU leaders in challenging meeting


The President of the United states, Donald Trump clashed with western allies about the trade and climate change discussion last Friday. One of the EU leaders, described this meeting as one of the most important meeting of the G7 for years. The meeting was held because he lambasted NATO allies for not spending more money on defense. Because of Trumps several remarks in Brussels, against the German leaders during the two-day summit in Taormina. You could say there was a very sharp disagreement between Trump and the other members of the G-7 on a range of very important issues. One of the big differences in opinion between Trump and the other leaders, is about his treat to bail out the 2015 Paris agreement on facing and solving climate change since he does not believe in the climate change and warming up of the earth at all. As white house economic adviser Gary Cohn stated: ‘We will have a very robust discussion on trade and we will be talking about what free and open means.’ The summit will kick off with a ceremony at an ancient Greek theater looking over the sea with the leaders of Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the united states where will be talked about the stopping of terrorism ( Because of the Manchester terrorist attack lately for example), Syria, North Korea and the global economy.


The people involved in this are all the leaders and the people going to this meeting. So this includes Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the united states of America. Depending of what will come out of these discussions there can be several people involved. If they for example decide to try to take down IS in Syria, all Syrian citizens and The IS organization will be involved as well. This depends on what will be agreed on in the G-7 meeting.


I think it is important this meeting is held to tackle recent and huge problems like terrorism. I also am convinced Trump should be more open to new ideas and not only think about what he and America wants for now, but also look at the future and what the rest of the world needs. A great example of this is that he still does not believe in the climate change. I really hope the meeting will have success and come to a final decision about for example the topic terrorism.