Trojan Horse case

‘Trojan horse’ case against five Birmingham teachers thrown out by tribunal


Percijn van Haeringen, A4B, Mr. van Erve, SOC


Five different Birmingham teachers of the ‘’Trojan horse’’ scandal got cleared of the tribunal today. This occurred because the lawyers that were hired by the government had made a mistake. The case was thrown out when it became clear that the lawyers hired by a firm representing the department for education had failed to disclose evidence. The Trojan horse scandal refers to an organized attempt by several individuals to introduce an Islamist ethos into several schools in Birmingham, England. The name Trojan horse, comes from a Greek legend, that comes from a leaked letter found in March 2014. The letter was written by Birmingham Islamists detailing how to get control of a school in which they also thought about how to expand this scheme to other cities. Like a month later, the Birmingham city council said it had received lots of allegations of plots similar to those in the letter, some from over 20 years back.

The people involved in this, are the Birmingham school students, the individuals that wrote this Trojan Horse letter in March 2014, the lawyers that made a mistake during the process and the five Birmingham teachers.


I chose this article for a reason. Maybe it is not the best possible example to give for what I want to make clear but it is (again) a recent article. It is something we also discussed in class during SOC. I just do not understand why when during process even a slight mistake is made, the case and therefore also the victim can be thrown out and will never pay for the things he or she did. In my opinion this should be taken a better look at and also should be stopped. You cannot be serious, that when for example it is almost sure a serial killer murdered several people he can go free again when something during the long during process goes wrong. On the other hand however, If evidence is found that later on can no longer prove for sure the guilt of the suspect and the way that the prove has been found is doubtful this may lead to the release of the suspect from prosecution. The hard thing about this, is that you cannot always be sure if the suspect really did or did not do what he had been charged off. So sometimes killers get released while they should not, but it also happens that innocent people get released when they should. That is why in for example the Netherlands people will then sooner be released than be punished. I do not agree with this because people can then get away with their actions too easily.